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Below are some of our testimonials from our new and previous owners.



Whilst I was working for Richmond Valley Council we had a Doberman brought into the shelter in poor condition.

As soon as I notified Bev from Doberman Rescue that we had him she immediately stepped up and brought in homemade food for him and also started looking for a home.

Bev also ensured that Stan received parasite treatment and visited him on numerous occasions to provide enrichment while he was with us.

She also transported him to her local vet to have a check up and paid for the consult with the vet.

With Bev’s help we were able to get Stan back good health and she also found a wonderful home for him in Perth.

Bev organised transport form Eastern Australia to Perth for Stan to his new home. She also kept us updated on his progress.

Without Bev and Doberman Australia it would have been much for difficult for us to find a rescue or home for Stan as he was not a young dog.

I cannot thank them enough for what they did for Stan which made my role at the Shelter so much less stressful

Kind Regards



My husband Chris and I decided to take a chance and reach out and register with DRAW, early last year from Doberman Rescue Australia Wide.

We’d had the great privilege of having owned 4 other dobes in the past, so knew what we were letting ourselves in for.

Gail was fantastic and liaised with us by several phone calls as we were in Adelaide SA and she was in Qld. 

There was a beautiful girl that had been found and ended up in the pound in NSW, Gracie (human) rescued our gracey (dobe) and took her to her foster home with Helen in Sydney who did a wonderful job looking after her for 2 weeks while she convalesced from being desexed and her temperament was checked out!

Chris and I decided to take a 16 hour drive from Myponga in South Australia to go and pick her up.

We can’t thank everyone involved enough, for all they do to make sure that these precious dogs are rehomed with the right people!

Surrender Testimonial

At the age of 61 I was in the sad position of having to put my dog up for rehoming as my health issues forced me to sell my home and move into a retirement home that did not allow any dogs.

As my Dobermann was anxious I was very worried about her rehoming prospects so I decided to see if there was a specific breed rescue organisation and was lucky to find the Dobermann Rescue Australia Wide group.

From my first contact through to transporting her to her new home I felt supported, informed and not judged (I felt so guilty for rehoming her and really appreciated this).
DRAW found my beautiful girl the very best home and the new owner has graciously allowed me to continue to see my girl via Facebook for which I’m eternally grateful.

I’m so glad I decided look for a specific breed rescue and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend DRAW to anyone who is looking to adopt or needing to rehome their dog. The organisers are wonderful to deal with and make sure the dog finds the best home for them.

Truly a wonderful organisation!

Regards Fay



I contacted Doberman rescue Australia wide to let them know I was interested in adopting a Doberman.

After completing the application form I was contacted by Bev to say they had a girl that needed a new home. Bev was fabulous explaining the history of the dog and was able to answer my many questions.
We did adopt the dog who suffered from anxiety when ever I need any help or have questions Bev has been there for me
This group do a fantastic job re homing Doberman’s making sure the dog and new owners and a good match for each other and are a continued support post adoption.

We love Molly, thank you – Debbie B



Cane’s need for a new home was posted by DRAW on 2nd May 2019. We contacted Bev Manning almost immediately as Michael fell in love with his sweet face. The following day, he spent over an hour being interviewed by Bev for our suitability as rescue owners. On Saturday 4th we drove from Newcastle to Bev’s home to meet Cane to make sure there was enough compatibility between us all to proceed further, and of course, more discussions with Bev. We passed, he passed and we brought him home the following day.

Rescue dogs come with issues, some minor, some more so. Cane had plenty, although it took a while to discover them all. As our initial contact had been Bev, it continued to be so. She was never too busy to help, even if my questions may have seemed “lame”. We have been in contact regularly over the 15 months Cane has been with us, although it is less for help these days, and more about how well he is progressing.

I would recommend the team at DRAW to anyone serious about taking on a rescue Dobermann.
They love and understand this breed and work tirelessly to ensure a perfect match between dog and owner.

We love Cane (he’s Dobe number 4, rescue number 2) and are incredibly grateful for the opportunity to adopt him because of Dobermann Rescue Australia Wide.

Thanks again Tracey R



I found the adoption process very easy, every body was very helpful. Even after we got Lenah, Bev and other members went above and beyond with any advice and help we required.

I would highly recommend DRAW they do an amazing job for the love of this breed. 

Thanks for all you do Kathy C



First I like to introduce you to these amazing ladies who are involved in the rescue 

Bev,Helen and Gracie 

So these ladies are exceptionally knowledgeable, understanding and trustworthy of the Dobermann breed

Each one of them dedicates themselves and their own time to ensure that whoever adopts a new rescue is suited to that dog including the environment in which the rescue dog is placed.

And these ladies will be there for you at any given time for the rest of your dogs life …. if it be in need of advise or anything other.

To whoever wants to adopt do not hesitate fill in the adoption form and your dog will come when they find the perfect match for you.

This is my beautiful rescue girl and I am over the moon with her perfectly suited for our family and lives

Thanks Ladies – Ingrid



We are so grateful for our two rescues, and for Doberman Rescue Australia Wide bring us together.  Back in 2012, our beautiful Marsha joined our family.  Along with our COVID gift (Zeus) in August 2020.

Thank you to the DRAW team.



I responded to Doberman Rescue Australia Wide Facebook page looking for a brother for Casper who I had got from a puppy. I felt that Casper was lonely when I was not home and thought another dog would be company for him. Initially I wasn’t going to get another Doberman, but I couldn’t get past how wonderful Doberman’s are having had a magnificent Doberman many years ago who was a rescue. Tex’s picture just spoke to me when I saw him on the Doberman Rescue Australia Wide Face Book page and I was in love. Tex was 15 months old. His previous owner was unable to keep him telling a sad story that told me I had to meet him. The former owner said he was away a lot so Tex was alone in a small yard with a neighbour feeding him over a fence. The former owner said he had to move and couldn’t take Tex with him. 

He never got to be inside with his former owner he wasn’t house trained or desexed and had no training at all. When his owner was home, he got taken to a dog park where he was attacked on, I believe two or three times and mounted by a large hairy dog. His personality changed I found out later and the owner could not manage him given he was away a lot.

I found out that the same dog walker Brooke – Happy Pet Helpers I used for Casper when I had an accident had also met Tex and his former owner to learn lead walking because Tex after being attacked was difficult even for the young man to manage. He told the Brooke what had happened, and that Tex’s personality had changed, and he didn’t really want him anymore. When I found this out, I was even more certain I did the right thing in adopting Tex through the Doberman Rescue Australia Wide page.

Tex didn’t like other dogs, and I didn’t know that at first but fortunately I had a miracle when he met Casper they fell in love in an instant and at that point I had no idea what I was in for.

The first thing Tex did was pee on my passage wall as he walked through my house. That had to change and quickly. 

The first week in my house I almost gave up and the owner refused to take him back. I cried a lot and I didn’t know what to do. Thankfully, the wonderful people from Doberman Rescue Australia Wide and other Doberman friends encouraged me to keep trying and telling me it was early days and things would settle down. My determination kicked in even though I am over 60 years of age. 

Tex was quickly crate trained and toileting in the house soon stopped. He learned very quickly. 

I spent $$$ maxing out a credit card paying for all day Behavior training as well as attending classes and private training, special leads and devices you name it I paid for it and Tex needed to be desexed because he had a real ultra-male personality and unattended I would have trouble. Tex also needed updating of his vaccinations as well. 
He has pulled me over 3 times and went for another dog while being handled by a trainer. We were asked to not come back or only have more private training. I was starting to crumble financially so I resigned myself to the fact Tex would be a home dog and I would just train him in the backyard. His training has been fantastic he learns quick and he is at least a Grade 3 level obedience but sadly still cannot join in to classes but that’s ok we have some great walks and long runs in a closed area of a basketball/tennis court nearby.
I felt guilty because Tex had loved going to the classes and he did so well so I gave it one more try and went out to Port Adelaide dog obedience with Tex wearing a muzzle mainly to prevent any damage to another dog and keeping Tex safe from being removed from me. I emailed them first to let them know of the challenges and it was suggested I take him out to see if they could help me.
As soon as I got close to the club rooms a big hairy dog came by I ended up on the ground Tex had lunged at the dog hurt my already wrecked knee. I ended up having a total knee replacement. I and Tex had to be helped by a trainer back to my car. 

Sadly, Tex and I were told we would not be able to participate in the classes due to his impulsive behaviours to other dogs with the danger to me for injury, which I could see the common sense in their reasoning.  

We left me resigning to the fact that Tex would just have to be loved at home and not go anywhere. I had managed to walk him prior to that day but after being pulled over that time I was a bit more cautious and anxious. I persisted in training him in my driveway which is long and the backyard and stopped walking him. My confidence had dropped, but I couldn’t give up or rehome him which broke my heart to even think about it. So I kept on training and working with him.
A couple months later I got a messenger from a senior member of the Port Adelaide Dog obedience club asking me if I still needed help with Tex and I sure did. He was worried I had rehomed him or worse. We met and from that day Tex and I have not looked back he can walk beautifully without me being frightened of him pulling me over. He has walked with Brooke-Happy Pet Helpers who walks at a pace I could never match. 

Casper is the only other dog Tex has ever been fully comfortable around, but he is mellowing, and he is not as aggressive toward other dogs that my trainer has brought in to condition him to be calm.  He wears a muzzle, recalls well, and listens to commands with perfect obedience skills. He can heel next to me off lead but in a closed safe area like a basketball/tennis court with no other dogs present. Tex can be seen on You Tube by typing in to the search line Tex 220820 training with my trainer, his German Shepherd and myself. The training devices are only used for training and are not on at any other time and we have transitioned to a simple training collar since the video was made. 

My next achievement will be walking both Casper and Tex at the same time instead of separate walks we can all walk together. 

Tex and Casper both sleep in my room. Tex goes in his crate as soon as I say the word “bed” and doesn’t leave his crate until I get up in the morning. Casper sleeps on and in my bed.   People give up their Dobermans for a variety of reasons but persistence, seeking help, and love conquers all. It is easy to give up but the dedication is worth it and I can’t imagine life without Tex. His snuggles are amazing and I am so grateful to Doberman Rescue Australia Wide for posting Tex’s picture and asking for him to have a forever home and that is with Casper and I.

Thanks for everything Christine

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