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  • To legally secure a safe and stable environment for any Dobermann requiring rehoming through Dobermann Rescue Australia Wide.


  • To ensure a smooth transition for the dog from one home to the new home.


  • Our focus is entirely for the wellbeing of the Dobermann but also having empathy and understanding for the relinquishing owner.


  • It is our pledge to find the perfect forever home for each surrendered Dobermann which includes a rigorous selection criterion of any adopting applicant.


  • It is our goal to have a fee free adoption for all new adoptive owners (T & C’s)


  • To give a guarantee of ongoing support for any new adoptive family.


  • To work cohesively with other rescues, pounds and breeders for the best outcome for the Dobermann.


  • As our Management Committee is diverse and brings a wide range of expertise to the Rescue it ensures clear and compassionate decisions are made on behalf of the surrendered Dobermann.


  • Here at DRAW we do not buy or sell the dogs that we rehome, as we have no shelter that requires funding we do not have the need.  If the dog requires veterinary treatment or transportation to its new home, we have an expectation that the new owners will cover the costs.







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What we do



Our adoption team spends many hours assisting owners that have made the hard decision to rehome their dog, working with them to find a solution if possible so that the family can stay together.
If this is just not possible the team works to put the owners in touch with prospective families so that they can be comfortable with the decision that is made.


Where possible we arrange meet and greets of owners and any existing dogs that the prospective owners may already have.


We provide ongoing support for all involved in the surrender / adoption process, assistance on settling in, feeding, training.  Reassurance that the dog is fine with their new family, updates can be viewed on our Adopted Puppers Facebook page.


If transport is required for dogs that have been rehomed, we work with the owners and transport companies to ensure least stress for the dogs.


For Dobermanns that are advertised by other rescues for rehoming we will offer to assist in the rehoming process, if they are not open to this,
we will share their ads to our members on our Facebook page.  For dogs advertised in the pounds where possible we will work with the local pounds to get the out and into an experienced dobermann home, if this is not possible, we will also share their ads to our members on our Facebook page.


The Process – Overview


If you or anyone you know would like to go on our adoption waiting list please complete an adoption form and return by email.
If a Dobermann is found that meets your lifestyle we will be in touch. 


We do not work on the premise of first on the list gets the next dog, we rehome to the best interests of the dog, not every dog is suitable for every adoptee.  


If you wish to surrender your dog please contact by email or pm on Facebook a member of the adoptions team will be in touch. The members are - Bev / Helen / Graciey / Janet


If you are interested in how we work, being a possible short-term foster home, or just want to talk all about Dobermanns we are available for a chat.

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